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Reminder: OptimESM and ESM2025 at EGU 2024

OptimESM and ESM2025 have jointly proposed a Great Debate and a Session to EGU’s General Assembly 2024. Both are now officially accepted and part of the Conference program.

Call for abstracts EGU 2024.

GDB: Unleashing your potential as an Early-Career researcher: bridging the research-policy divide
In this debate we will explore how to enable the sustainable engagement of ECRs with the policy landscape. What role can ECRs play in bridging the gap between scientific knowledge and policy implementation? How can early career researchers navigate the intricate mechanisms of stakeholder engagement? What significant challenges and barriers do they face and how can these be overcome?

Composition of the panel for the EGU Great Debate:
Moderator: Ayesha Tandon (Carbon Brief)
Panel members: Richard Tavares (CINEA), Faten Bahar (YESS – Young Earth System Scientists), Chloe Hill (EGU Policy), Roland Séférian (MF-CNRM) and Elisabeth Dingley(CMIP Office).

Session: Earth system responses under a changing climate
This session will examine physical, biogeochemical and biophysical processes likely to affect the evolution of the Earth system over the coming decades and centuries. Contributions with a focus on; (a) the latest advances in the representation of these couplings and interactions within state-of-the-art numerical models; (b) novel experimental designs to help improve quantification of these feedbacks, including those targeting CMIP7 activities and (c) novel approaches, including artificial intelligence, combining observational datasets with models to improve constraints; are all particularly welcome.

Submit your abstracts before 10 Jan 2024, register for the conference and show-up at the sessions.