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Sign-up for the annual meeting of OptimESM

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It is time to sign-up for the annual meeting of OptimESM, at CINECA and CNR (Bologna, Italy) and online, starting on the morning of March 12 and ending at lunch time March 14, 2024.

If you are invited to sign-up you have gotten an email with a link. Sign-up no later than the 15th of February 2024. If you sign-up you will get an confirmation email later as well as more information how to reach Bologna, CINECA and CNR.

The agenda is under development, it will include scientific talks from each WP, WP overviews, presentation from sister and related projects, discussions on ScenarioMIP, land-use and emission scenarios and OptimESM  alignment with CMIP7, and breakout discussions.  Suggestions for breakout discussion as well as for agenda topics are welcome.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch in case you have any questions! Send and email to:

Roof tops in Bologna.
Photo of Bologna by RitaMichelon at Pixabay.